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Freshwater Edition 

My Simple Aquarium was written with the beginner in mind. It contains over 50 time & money saving tips to help you gain control of your aquarium.  The tips are basic, down to earth and easy to understand. The principles are scientific, logical and they work!


With this guide, you will learn how to:

  Cut down on fish loss

Properly clean your aquarium

Test and analyze the water

Add new fish

Clear up cloudy water

Control diseases and medications

And More…

Aquatic Designs is an aquarium maintenance company with years of experience in cleaning and maintaining all kinds of fish aquariums. We now bring our methods to you in this easy to use guide My Simple Aquarium.


Your fish will thank you!




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Larry has been in the aquarium industry for 20+ years doing everything from retail, maintenance, publishing, commercial repair and consulting. He lives with his family on their 10 acre "farm" .... which is just a code word for "petting zoo". His "happy place" is sitting on his John Deere tractor.