Aquatic Designs, Inc. Professional Aquarium Maintenance for Central Arkansas



Larry & Laura McGee of Greenbrier purchased then Aquarium Attractions in 1995 from a friend and became involved in the aquarium maintenance business part time. In December of 2000, they opened a retail store in West Little Rock and renamed the business Aquatic Designs.


Aquatic Designs was soon one of the largest stores in the region that dealt with high end saltwater and live coral reef systems. As the retail business grew, the maintenance business followed. In 2003, an opportunity came up to sell the retail business and to focus on just maintenance.


In the past several years they have designed and installed increasingly larger aquarium systems including the 1400 gallon live coral reef at Cajun’s Wharf Restaurant and a 4000 gallon walk-through tunnel at Catfish City in West Little Rock.


They now maintain over 80 aquariums in Central Arkansas and are an authorized service technician for Marineland Commercial Systems.


Larry is also a published author on aquarium maintenance. Over 6000 copies of “The Aquarium Maintenance Guide” have been sold in pet stores nationwide.