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Freshwater Edition

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Author Larry McGee has been doing aquarium maintenance professionally since 1994.

He has:

♦   performed maintenance on tanks over 10,000 times
♦  owned and operated a high-end aquarium store
♦  managed the fish dept. in a big box store
♦  continues to do troubleshooting & repair on
commercial aquarium systems in national chain pet stores


He brings all of this experience and breaks it down into


easy to understand tips

that will help you to learn – how your aquarium works


helpful advice on how to quickly & properly clean it.


 You will learn:

♦  How Does an Aquarium Work?

♦  Properly Starting your Aquarium

♦  Cleaning your Aquarium

♦  Servicing the Filter

♦  Water Testing and Adjusting

♦  Algae Control

♦  Problem Solving

♦  Feeding

♦  And much more!


There are over 40 helpful tips scattered throughout the book

to make your maintenance routine easier.


Tips such as:

Tip 2


Tip 3


Tip 9


Tip 12


Tip 16


Tip 35


 How much time do you spend cleaning your tank?


How much money have you spent replacing dead fish?


My Simple Aquarium will save you both time and money.


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Your fish will love you.